Approach of the problem of the Thesis of Degree

The approach of the meso problem in the thesis of degree, corresponds to one of the levels of the approach of the problem in the development of chapter I. It is the intermediate part of it and with it we are giving shape to the problem. It should be noted that the meso is not as general as the macro nor as specific as the micro.

As indicated previously, it is important to rely on textual citations, to support the approach of the problem. The textual citations give a formal aspect to the research and it is based on it, with specialist authors who have already developed the theme.

The medium or meso level of the problem, like the macro is the “must be”. Although less general and more specific, so we will be linking the ideas of the macro to the meso or buy essays online for college . To give meaning to the idea and prepare the reader of what the duty should be and the current situation that generates the problem that is going to develop.

Develop a description of the company and its problem (micro). In this way you can make a focused approach and avoid the changes of titles and last-minute adjustments, since it is done in a concrete way.

You can also start with financial strategies worldwide. Then take it to the country and finally locally, getting to keep the interest of the reader until the problem. Remember that this reader will be the one who evaluated your degree work.

How extensive should be the approach of the problem of the Thesis Degree.

Many researchers develop several pages of Macro and Meso, and leave for the Micro only two or three lines. I consider it a serious error, the Macro and Meso must be developed in a broad but specific way and the Micro, as detailed as possible.

Remember that in the Meso of the problem you must write specificities written with the Micro of the problem. Since at this level the structure of the approach, it should be clarified as they should be the appropriate way of what is generating the problem to be studied.

Final Recommendations

It is necessary to take into account that any approach to the problem must be developed in 3 levels, Macro, Meso and Micro. This structure is general, it is not specific to any particular university, it is universal. It is a scheme that allows you to carry a sequence of ideas, giving clarity to the presentation of the research.

Ideally, each of the levels is well established, so that the evaluating jury does not digress about what you want to develop. It is specific and takes ideas coherently. In this way, when the time comes to develop the micro, it is already clear that it is what you want to do and why you want to do it.

I will talk about the subject later. In the next article I will develop the Micro of the approach and also a technique that I like to use for the approach that is the Problem tree and solutions.